Air Zig-Zag separator with vibration dosage - PARTNER

Oregano, basil, rose hips, cilantro, rosemary

PARTNER is combination of Zig-Zag separator and separator with vibration dosage and air hood. It is in use for wide spectrum of materials.

The machine gives extremely good results in cleaning. During the process of cleaning machine does not damage material (does not crush it) and enables continual process

The machine is very reliable, does not choke and gives a good quality of leafy mass. Machine is quiet and does not produce vibrations and dust. All parts of air separator are placed onto the wheels giving a possibility for easy moving.

Herb selecting is completely continuous with minimal labor participation.

Dry leaves are manually loaded onto the box. Leaves with a smaller stems are transported to the air separator air box where the primary leaf selection is performed. The air flow transports leaf to the Zig-zag section where the final leaf selection is performed, after what the leaf through cyclone.

  • Total height: 4500mm
  • Air ventilator: 2
  • Capacity: Up to 250kg/h
  • Output fraction: 3 (dust aside)