Harvester VB 2 - 1.6

Listening the customers needs and with idea to make farmers more productive during the harvest we developed chamomile – harvester VB 2 - 1.6

Harvester has a receiving hopper whose volume is approx. 1,5 m3. The harvester has conveyor for transport chamomile to the receiving hopper.

Harvester has wheels and belongs to the group of pulled machines. Tractor with engine power more than 40 kW can be used for pulling and driving.

Hopper has hydraulic cilindar for unloading which provide time saving.

Tractor engine should work in regime of 1500 rpm, which represents the regime with maximum number of rotation and minimal fuel consumption.

Working width is 1.6m.

Efficiency is restricted by an organisation, herbs quality, and tractor operator but an average is from 3 to 4 ha per day.

The machine provides best results in harvesting chamomile flowers with the height ranging between 20 cm and 70 cm, and when the chamomile makes full constitution in which the flowers are concentrated in the upper part of the stem in the range up to 15 cm.

Chamomile should also be sown, not planted from hotbed, since the one cultivated from hotbed is straggling and has flowers all over the stem, not just in the upper part.

It is very important for the machine not to be put below the area in which the flowers are concentrated. The machine should be kept in the upper area where the flowers are concentrated in order to harvest the only the flowers; if lowered to the ground, the machine harvests the stems, too. Best results that can be achieved in ideal conditions are the following: 60% flowers without stems, 20% of flowers with stems between 2-10 cm, 20% flowers with stems longer than 10 cm.

If chamomile is of poorer quality (straggling, laid down, too high, uneven, flowers scattered all over the stem or in the area larger than 15 cm), harvesting results are poorer.

Adapter for mowing

Adapter for mowing can be used for wide range of herb species, such as mint, lemon balm, oregano, basil, parsley, etc.

It is possible to mow plants with different height ranging from 15 cm to 100 cm.

Mowing device performs double-cut and it makes clean cut to the stem, therefore it does not crush the plant and allows faster regrow.