Production line for rose hips

    This line consists of the following machines:
  • - Crusher D300
  • - Belt conveyor Vario 604
  • - Air selector ZIG ZAG 3M
  • - Vibration selector ST II vibro
  • - Vibration selector ST I vibro
  • After drying, the rose hips are input in the pulverizer D 300. The best results are achieved if moisture content is around 17%. After pulverization, the material is transported, through the belt conveyor VARIO 604 into the air selector ZIG ZAG. The hairs are collected in a filter. Under the ZIG ZAG section you get big shells and seeds, while small shells are collected in the cyclone. Under the ZIG ZAG section, a vibrating separator ST I is set, with one sieve with openings Ø 4,5 mm. It separates the shells from the seeds. Under the cyclone, a vibrating separator ST II is set, with two sieves with openings Ø 4,5mm and Ø 2mm. It classifies the shells according to their size. As an option, we may include in the offer the PLC computer control of the line and weighing scales for weighing the material. PLC provides setting the automatic working mode of the line. When you choose the right receipt, the line starts working in predefined mode. This way, you exclude the possibility of operators' mistakes. Besides, PLC enables monitoring the operation of the line in desired time unit, i.e. review of working modes the machine has worked in, as well as the amounts it processed (capacities). The capacity can be measured per certain fractions or in total. PLC is connected to a weighing scale.PLC enables obtaining maximum efficiency of the processing line and maximum quality of output material.