Vibration separator VIBRO 14

Seeds, dried leaves, flower, pulvis

The vibration separator VIBRO 14 is machine specially designed for very fine and final cleaning of material. Machine is also suitable for removing dust. The best results are achieved in removing very light and small stems that are often present in oregano, thyme, dill, parsley etc. This small stems could not be removed in previous processing - with air separators or other types of vibro separators. Also machine gives perfectly clean output product in processing chamomile pulvis, mint etc

Vibration control is through two vibration motors. Sieve dimension and perforation depends on a customer needs. Size of a hole directly influences on material granulation.

Selected mass is automatically put in boxes or onto belt conveyors, which depends on customer needs. Standard package include 27 different perforation sieves. On VIBRO 14 sieves gives 15 fractions at the same time.

Vibrating separator allows variable sieve inclination from 5-10 degrees, oscillation frequencies and the oscillation direction. That makes it very suitable for different cultures and also for materials with different level of unwanted elements. Vibration motor is powerful enough to work with heavy materials.

  • Sieve length: 795mm
  • Sieve width: 160mm
  • Number of sieves: 27
  • Driving: vibration motors
  • Sieves declination: Changeable continually from 5 to 10 degrees
  • Sieves perforations: According to customers demand
  • Weight of the machine: 720kg
  • Engine power: 2 x 0.35kW
  • Voltage: ~ 380V