Double Zig-Zag air selector 3-M

Oregano, basil, rose hips, cilantro, rosemary

Herb classification is based on the airflow. The unit is equipped with two digital frequency regulators allowing fine setting of working regimes and getting superb results of herb’s classification and cleaning. As a final product, there are three different fractions.


Double Zig-Zag air selector 3-M consists of:

  • - Two Zig-Zig units
  • - First Zig-Zag unit has loading hopper with motor dosing part
  • - Second Zig-Zag unit is feeding pneumatically. It has a small cyclone on its entrance with motor dosing part
  • - Two radial fans with are used for driving, frequency is digitally regulated
  • - Two air cyclone with automatic air dozer, which excludes the material from the cyclone (driven with a motor with a reduction gearbox)
  • - Two cyclones for dust collection


This machine is used for processing the herbs with different type of unwanted elements, from relative big stems to very small elements (small stems, bristle hairs, dust etc) allowing processing of wide spectrum of herbs. As a result, a high percent of clean material can be achieved.

  • Air ventilator: 2
  • Total height: 5010mm
  • Total width: 2640mm
  • Total length: 3200mm
  • Capacity: up to 250kg/h
  • Material: regular steel or inox
  • Output fraction: 3+dust